Turbine generator - 4 important types of turbine generator


Turbine generator is a machine which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy by collecting outsourcing fuels like fossil fuels,wind,solar,steam etc.Basically,it is a machine where a generator has coupled with a turbine.The turbine supplies mechanical energy to the generator which converts it into electrical energy.This energy conversion is based on the theory of faraday's law of electromagnetic induction.Turbine generator can not develop energy by its own source,it needs some outsourcing fuels.It is used in all major power plants like thermal power plants,solar power plants,hydropower plants etc.


Mainly four types of turbine generator are used.

   1)Wind turbine generator

   2)Steam turbine generator

   3)Hydro turbine generator

   4)Solar turbine generator

1.Wind turbine generator:

Wind turbine generator produces electrical energy with the help of wind energy.It collects wind power from outside air and converts into electrical energy.Generally, two types of wind turbine are used.

 1. Horizontal axis wind turbine (HAWT)

 2. Vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT)

steam turbine

The blades of the turbine are placed horizontally or parallel to the ground is called horizontal axis wind turbine and blades are vertical axis to the ground is named as vertical axis wind turbine.Most of the modern turbines are horizontal axis wind turbines and it is used in a big wind farm.

In wind turbine generator,a nose attached to the turbine blades are placed horizontally to the turbine.Blades are aerodynamic design and it faces the outside wind pressure first.To produce electrical energy,a high-speed turbine shaft is attached to the turbine's blades and the turbine is connected to an electric generator to produce electrical energy.When wind is blowing,nose and blades are starts to rotate.As a result, turbine's shaft and rotor also rotate in the same direction of the turbine blades.In this mechanism, at first wind energy is converted to the mechanical energy which rotates the rotor and this energy is supplied to the generator to produce electrical energy.A gearbox is used to increase the rotational speed of the turbine as well as increase the efficiency of the wind turbine.

2.Steam turbine generator:

Steam turbine generator collects mechanical energy from the steam pressure and converts into electrical energy.It develops electrical energy with help of steam pressure.All modern steam power plants use steam turbine generator.It improves steam turbine efficiency.According to the working principle, steam turbine is different types.The two general types of steam turbines are:

 1. Impulse steam turbine

 2. Reaction steam turbine

steam turbine

Basically, some water in the boiler is heated by external energy like fossil fuels,solar etc produced steam at high pressure.The boiler is connected to the turbine.This high-pressure steam produces mechanical energy to the turbine's rotor which creates some rotational energy and passes through the electrical generator.This rotational energy spins the turbine's blade.The mechanical energy of the rotor is supplied to the generator through turbine shaft.Electric generator converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

3.Hydro turbine generator:

When turbine generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy with the help of moving water,is called hydro turbine generator.It is used in different types of hydro-power station.This type of hydro station,water pressure may vary according to the availability of water.It may be artificial or natural.Water resource is coming from various types of rive,lake,water fall etc.According to the turbine size,the hydro power systems are two types.

 1. High head hydro power system

 2. Low head hydro power system

steam turbine

Hydro power stations are different types according to the water system.We use small hydro turbine generator for low head water system and big hydro turbine generator for high head water system.The most important aspect of the water turbine is the volume of water fall and height of the vertical drop of the water to the turbine. In this system,water is coming from the penstock and fall into the turbine blade.Now turbine starts to rotate.Here kinetic energy of water converts into the mechanical energy and it is supplied to the turbine generator which is connected by a shaft to the turbine.The generator supplies electrical energy.

4.Solar turbine generator:

steam turbine

Solar turbine generator generates electricity with the help of solar power system.The system is used here to collect the sun's light.A highly concentrated solar power panel is used to capture sun's light.The panel converts sunlight into steam.Steam now moves to the steam turbine generator to produce electric current.Solar turbine generator is one kind of steam turbine generator and conversion of solar power is a renewable energy.

All the above turbine generator are used to produce electricity at our home.It can not generate electricity by its own source of energy.But all turbine generator are very handy to meet our daily energy demand.

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